Borough Ordinance for Curfew 156-3

It shall be unlawful for any minor under the age of eighteen (18) years, regardless of his or her place of residence, to ride, loiter, run through wander, stroll through or remain on or about the streets , highways, roads, alleys, parks or in any quasi-public place or in any other place open to the public in the Borough of Audubon after the hour of 10:00pm., prevailing time, in the evening hours and before 6:00am., prevailing time, exept on Friday and Saturday, when the hours shall be fixed between 11:00pm., prevailing time, and 6:00am., prevailing time, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian of at least twenty one (21) years of age.

Borough Ordinance for Loitering 242-11

It shall be unlawful for any person to loiter, wander or idle in, upon or about any of the following places in the borough without any ligitimate business or purpose:

  1. Any street, alley, highway, park .
  2. Any public building, railroad or bus station, place of amusement.
  3. Any restaurant, public laundry area or a similar establishment.

Borough Ordinance for Abandoned/Junk vehicles 287-1

The following terms, phrases and words used in and for the purpose of this chapter shall be deemed to have the following meanings:

ABANDON- Includes any motor vehicle, omnibus, road tractor, trailer, truck, truck-trailer or other vehicle which:

  • A. Is parked without the current year's registration or identification markers as required by law;
  • B. Has been continuously parked in any public street or on any public land for a period of ten (10) days;
  • C. Is so disabled as to constitute an obstruction to traffic, and the driver or person owning or in charge thereof neglects or refuses to move the same to a place where it
    shall not obstruct traffic;
  • D. Is found to be mechanically inoperative and is allowed to remain inoperative for a period of seven (7) days.
  • E. Is found without one (1) or more tires.

- Any automobile which is no longer in actual use as a motor vehicle or which is unfit for use in highway or roadway transportation, will be considered a junk vehicle.